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About Ready by Five

The Ready by Five Early Childhood Millage helps thousands of children in Kent County enter kindergarten healthy and ready to learn and succeed. Kent County voters have the opportunity to renew/increase this critical funding during the Aug. 6, 2024, election.

The millage is funded by a .25 mill property tax that generates about $7 million a year, totaling $37 million since Ready by Five was overwhelmingly supported by Kent County voters in 2018.

Ready by Five supports 18 community-based organizations that provide 32 different early childhood programs, including:

  • Prenatal support
  • Developmental screenings to identify potential delays and disabilities
  • Assistance navigating the early childhood system
  • Home visits that support caregivers
  • Play and learn groups, which help develop language and learning skills
  • Elimination of hazardous substances, like lead, from homes
  • Intensive therapy for children dealing with behavioral health issues
  • Books for families to support reading at home
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Quality early childhood programs have immediate and long-term benefits, including:

  • Healthier babies
  • Child abuse and neglect prevention
  • Improved family relationships and parenting skills
  • Fewer instances of later grade repetition and lower need for special education
  • Improved high school graduation rates
  • Reduced criminal behavior and interactions with law enforcement
  • Higher likelihood of adults in the workforce
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